NoiZi, A Streetband Festival

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NoiZi is happy to present to you our spectacular, our amazing, our fabulous, our razzle-dazzle-out-of-this-world-stupendous-dazzling-magnificent line-up at the NoiZi Streetband Festival 2022. Check this page for regular updates as well as introductions to the bands that will make you shake your limbs during the weekend of 16th, 17th and 18th july 2022. First off, please give a warm welcome to our guests from Graz (AT) ...
Masala Brass Kollektiv!
A big "Thank You" from the NoiZi Team and the Harmonie de Soleuvre for joining our Festival and making it an unforgettable experience. We can't wait to welcome you in ZOLWER
Check them out:
Friends and Foes ... 🥁🥁🥁 The next shout-out goes to our dear friends from beautiful Amsterdam (NL) 🌷 We are happy to welcome *Toeters en Bellen* at our NoiZi Festival in july 🌞 They will make sure that you'll whirl and twirl until the break of dawn. 💃🕺 Don't believe us? Check them out below 👇
Aaaaaaaaaand a next round of applause please for another guest that will join our NoiZi Festival. Y'all give a heartfelt welcome to our friends from the Douce France .... Marcel Frontale. 🥳🎺🎷 These funky artists from Lyon (F) will not make you feel like god in france, that would be waaaaay too dull. 🥖🍷 Instead, they will make you go "ohlala" and all "can-can" with their groovy sound and their crazy vibes! 💋🎶📢🎸
Check them out!!!
Humains et non-humains. Si vous pensez qu'on en avait déjà fini, mieux vaut y réfléchir encore ! 😜 Plus que 60 jours avant que NoiZi ne décolle enfin 🚀 il est donc temps de vous présenter un autre invité qui rejoindra notre funky festival en juillet. D'une certaine façon, ces gars sont les criminels 🙃 qui ont inspiré ce projet. 💡 De la belle Innsbruck (AT) 🏔 bientôt dans la belle Zolwer 🖤💛 s'il vous plaît dites bonjour à StreetNoise Orchestra ! 🎊💯🎶 Une fois lâchés, ces gars remplissent les rues d'énergie, d'excitation et d'émotion.
Comme d'habitude, allez les voir 👇(et merci nous plus tard)