1 Marche Slave Tschaïkowski P. I. arr. Roger.
2 Päiffmeedel - Danzebouf Boehm Steve
3 Libertadores Navarro Oscar
4 Blackout Doss Thomas
5 Charles Chaplin Chaplin/Delange/Wilson
6 The Sound of Ireland Rennert Guido
7 The Gum-Suckers March Grainger Percy Aldrige arr. R. Mark.



1 First Suite for Military Band Holst Gustav
2 Theatre Music Sparke Philip
3 Gallimaufry Woolfelden Guy
4 Danzón No 2 Arturo Marquez arr. Nickel O.
5 Equus Whitacre Eric
6 Highlights from Hook Williams John arr. Heide H.d.v.
7 Entry of the Artits Backes Roamin
8 Kaiser Walzer Strauss Johann arr. McLain Douglas
9 The Best of Earth Wind and Fire arr. P. Kleine Schaars
10 Cortège from Mlada Rimsky Korwakov Nicolai arr. Dunaev. 



1 Bachseits Johannes Stert
2 Itinérances temporelles André Waignein
3 Children's March Percy Grainger
4 Time for Outrage Marco Pütz
5 Sidus Thomas Doss
6 Star Wars Saga John Williams arr. Johan de Meij



1 Carmen Suite Georges Bizet arr. Tohru Takahashi
2 Four Scottish Dances Malcom Arnold arr. J.P. Paynter
3 Skies Oliver Waespi
4 Downey Overture Oscar Navarro
5 Fantasy Variations on a Theme by N. Paganini James Barnes
6 Shanghai Sword Dance Hardy Mertens
7 Firefly Ryan George
8 Saga Candida Bert Appermont



1 The Legend of Celobrium Philip Sparke
2 Feste romane Ottorino Respihgi
3 Blow it up, start again JonathanNewman
4 Variations on a Hymn by Louis Bourgeois Claude T. Smith
5 Short Ride in a Fast Machine John Adams
6 Piano Stephen Milillo
7 Destino Tango Willem van Mervijk



1 Summon the Dragon Peter Graham
2 Concertino for Piccolo Samuel Pascoal
3 Hymn to the Sun, with the Beat of Mother Earth Satoshi Yagisawa
4 Pinocchio Ferrer Ferran
5 A Tribute to J-Cl Braun arr. Tim Kleren


1    Colors for Trombone Bert Appermont
2 Tales and Legends Etienne Crausaz
3 4 Pictures from New York Roberto Molinelli
4 Symphonic Dances from West Side Story    Leonard Bernstein
5 Conga del Fuego Nuevo Arturo Marquez


1    Fiesta! Philip Sparke
2 Il Carnevale di Venezia                             Alamiro Ciampieri
3 From Ancient Times J.V. der Roost
4 Planet Earth Johan de Meij


1    Le Roi d'Ys Eduard Lalo
2 Poseidon Hardy Mertens
3 Rubicon Bert Appermont
4 Casanova Johan de Meij
5 Danzón No 2                                            Arturo Marquez
6 Gaelforce Peter Graham


1    Cuban Ouverture George Gershwin
2 Trumpet Concerto Marco Pütz
3 Bonaparte Otto M. Schwartz
4 Extrem Make-Over                                    Johan de Meij
5 Fiesta de la Vida Philip Sparke
6 Sasparilla John Mackey


1    Godspeed Stephen Melillo
2 Music of the Spheres Philip Sparke
3 The Queen Symphony                                Tolga Kashif


1    The Legend of Aquarius Marco Pütz
2 Concerto Tricolore Thomas Doss
3 The Legend of Celobrium                            Philip Sparke
4 Danceries Kenneth Hesketh
5 Rhapsody in Blue George Gershwin
6 Gonna Fly Now Bill Conti


1    Carneval Romain Hector Berlioz
2 Concerto pour Flûte & Orchestre en Ré Majeur W.A.Mozart
3 Yiddish Dances Adam Gorb
4 Windows of the World Peter Graham
5 Four Colonial Country Dances James Curnow
6 Innuendo F. Mercury-B. May
7 The Best of Earth Wind and Fire arr. P.Kleine Schaars


1    Der Freischütz C.M. von Weber
2 Lincolnshire Posy P.A. Grainger
3 Porgy and Bess G. Gershwin
4 Spartacus J.v.d. Roost
5 Cartoon Music John Graham
6 Highlights from Chicago                               John Kander
7 Duke Ellington arr. Calvin Custer


1    European-Opening Mickey Nicolas
2 Divertimento R. Boutry
3 Rhapsody for Trombone G. Langford
4 Lochinvar James Curnow
5 La Fiesta Mexicana H. Owen Reed
6 The Inner Queen   F. Mercury - B. May
7 Five to Go Jack Bullock
8 Blood, Sweat..., at their Best                        arr. B. Kjaernes


1    Firework Jan van der Roost
2 Montana Sketches Allen Vizzutti
3 E.T. Adventure on Earth Williams John
4 Bacchus on Blue Ridge Joseph Horowitz
5 Rhapsody in Blue George Gershwin
6 St. Louis Blues arr. Dahm Paul
7 Frank Sinatra Hits Medley                             arr. Iwai Naohiro


1    The Lord of the Rings Johan de Meij
2 Hannover Festival Philip Sparke
3 Harry Potter Symphonis Suite                        John Williams
4 Cartoon Paul Hart
5 Un Poco Cinco John Fluck


1    Marche des Parachutistes Belges P. Leemans
2 Tell me a Jazz Story Jean-Claude Naude
3 Credentium Jan van der Roost
4 Tulsa (a Symphonic Portrait in Oil)                 Gillis Don
5 Valse des Fleurs P.I. Tschaikowski
6 One O'Clock Jump Count Basie
7 The Cowboys John Williams


1    La Forza del Destino Guiseppe Verdi
2 Saxtory Naulais Jérôme
3 The Land of the Long White Cloud Philip Sparke
4 Olympica Jan van der Roost
5 The Second Waltz Dimitri Shostakovitch
6 Charles Chaplin arr. Marcel Peeters
7 A Tribute to the Count Basie Orchestra            arr. Toshio Mashima


1    Marche des Parachutistes Belges                    P. Leemans
2 Three Fragments for Band Hiroaki Kuwahara
3 Spartacus Jan van der Roost
4 1812 Ouverture P.I. Tschaikowski
5 Olympic Fanfare and Theme John Williams
6 Orient Express Philip Sparke
7 Kaiserwalzer Johann Strauss
8 Original Dixieland Concerto John Warrington
9 El Cumbachero Rafael Hernandez


1    Capricio Italien P.I. Tschaikowski
2 Armenian Dances A. Reed
3 La Belle au Bois Dormant                               P.I. Tschaikowski
4 Viva Musica A. Reed
5 An American in Paris G. Gershwin
6 Live at the Rocks J. Tesh
7 Mission Impossible Lalo Schifrin
8 Hooray for Hollywood R.A. Whiting
9 El Cumbachero R. Hernandez


1    L'Italiano in Algeri G. Rossini
2 Concertino for Percussion and Band C. Williams
3 Ceremonial Suite A. Waignein
4 Donner und Blitz J. Strauss
5 Orient Express P. Sparke
6 Hunchback of Notre Dame A. Menken
7 Big Band Signatures J. Higgins
8 There's no Business like Show Business            I. Berlin
9 Stars and Stripes  


1    American Salute M. Gould
2 El Golpe Fatal D. Brossé
3 An der schönen blauen Donau                          J. Strauss
4 Slava L. Bernstein
5 Star Wars J. Williams
6 Robin Hood M. Kamen
7 Jurassic Park J. Williams


1    Marche Slave P.I. Tschaikowski
2 Concertante Solo Saxo alt C. Grundman
3 Spartacus J.v.d. Roost
4 Flight of the Pegasus D. Schafer
5 The Seventh Night of July                                I. Sakai
6 El Camino Real A. Reed
7 Die Fledermaus J. Strauss
8 Irving Berlin Showtroopers I. Berlin
9 Radetzki  


1    Eugen Onegin P.I. Tschaikowski
2 Accélérations J. Strauss
3 1812 P.I. Tschaikowski
4 Olympica J.v.d. Roost
5 Alternances A. Waignein
6 Curtain Up A. Reed
7 A Swiss Festival Ouverture                             P. Sparke
8 In Love with Copenhagen B.B. Bjerre
9 Radetzki  


1    Jupiter G. Holst
2 Concertino pour flûte                                     C. Chaminade
3 The Lord of the Rings J.d. Meij
4 Symphonic Festival R. W. Smith
5 Disney Fantasy N. Iwai
6 Second Suite for Band A. Reed
7 Beaty and the Beast A. Menken
8 Tritsch Tratsch Polka J. Strauss
9 Radetzki  


1    March Turque W. A. Mozart
2 Concertino Solo Piano                                    Meindert-Boekel
3 Belle of the Ball L. Anderson
4 Jubilee Ouverture P. Sparke
5 Mouvements M. Desorbay
6 The Cowboys J. Williams
7 Barnum C. Coleman
8 Donner und Blitz J. Strauss
9 Radetzki